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This is Legend! Whiskey

Smooth silky taste, caramel vanilla or smoky scent, deep honey colour. Do you recognize the original whiskey? How do you prefer to be served? On rocks, with a hint of ice cold water or you drink it neat and you enjoy its fantastic flavours as it is. There are even more options to enjoy your whiskey drink. Do you feel like having a whiskey soda (stinger), using it as a cocktail base or adding it to your coffee? Do that! There are plenty of ways to drink whiskey. Have not you tried it so far? The experienced whiskey, bourbon drinkers say it is not easy to get to love this alcohol but once you are enough matured you will fall in love with whiskey. What is the secret of the whiskey? Why the experience of a good whiskey drinking is catching so many people? If you want to step in to the secret land of this characteristic alcohol invite your best friends and order online a bottle from Eatvo. Or two battles of different types so you can immediately compare the brands. You do not have to leave your house our couriers deliver the greatest whiskies to your door. Check our selection!

The first written proofs of spirit distilling are from 1100 and were found in Italy. At that time the alcohol was only made from grapes and wine. People called it ‘aqua ardens’, ’hot water’. Later other regions of Europe began to produce alcohol from beer and distilling of grain had also started. Alcohol shortly gained huge popularity on the continent. First, it was taken as medicine, ‘aqua vitae’, ‘water of life’. The success was unstoppable and with the progressing industrialisation whiskey could start its success story.

The first whiskey is from 1494 when the Scottish king required a monk to produce an ‘aqua vitae’ from malt. Bushmills was the first distillery in Ireland in 1608. Since then nothing could stop the quality whiskey production on British islands. The home distillation has become a tradition both in Ireland and Scotland. During the centuries distilleries developed their production processes and started to make whiskey from mixed types of grain.

Do you know what is differentiating the whisky from whiskey? At the beginning, the version ‘whisky’ was used. However, Irish people decided to differ from the Scottish whisky as they thought it was a poor quality alcohol. Irish companies wanted to shout out their whiskey was better. Gentlemen’s Magazine used first the whiskey version of the word.The name difference is pointing out to the region where the whiskey was produced.

Whiskey only matures in the cask and needs to contact to the oak wood. The standard whiskies are with 40%, 43% and 46% but there are unique selected whiskies with an alcohol content of 57%.

Every bourbon is a whiskey but not every whiskey is a bourbon. Whiskey became very popular in the USA as well. US are lucky from economy perspective as most of the climate zones are running through the country and enabling the agriculture to grow most of the grain types. State of Kentucky is a perfect place to plant corn and resourceful farmers launched their local corn based version of whiskey that is called bourbon. The bourbon consists of 51% of corn and received its name after Bourbon county where it was first produced. Today we call all whiskies produced in the US bourbon. At Eatvo you can buy different types of whiskies and bourbons. Would you like to have a glass of whiskey with your beef steak? Order from us and our team will deliver your favourite drinks in 30 minutes.

Whiskey was first used as a medicine and sometimes even today is helping us as a remedy against stomach-ache, cold. We have a great recipe for gloomy, rainy days: peel a little ginger, cut it in to small pieces, boil the ginger with 0,5 dl water, then filter the water, add fresh lemon juice, 1 sugar spoon of honey and finally do not forget about 0,5 dl whiskey. This hot cocktail will definitely warm you up but be careful as this is a strong afternoon drink!

You cannot imagine summers without garden parties or picnics with friends? Are you the one who loves to host mates and cook, grill for them? What about preparing next time a bourbon barbecue sauce? You only need the following ingredients:

– 2 bigger onions

– 4 cloves of garlic

– 1,5 dl Jim Beam Honey bourbon

– 4 dl ketchup or tomato sauce

– 0,5 dl apple vinegar and  Worcestershire sauce

– 4 table spoons of brown sugar

– salt and pepper

Slice the onions, cut the garlic in to small pieces. Put onions and garlic in to a small pan and add Jim Beam Honey, slowly cook them to boil until onions are soft and ready.  In the meantime, stir together the ketchup/tomato sauce and apple vinegar. You may also add some hot sauce and barbecue sauce. When ready pour the sauce on bourbon onions and cook the mix for 20 minutes. Then grab a hand-blender and mix the gravy until its texture is smooth. Feel free to serve the sauce with roasted meat or potato chips. Bon appétit!

Are you a collector of whiskies? You must know than that whiskey should be stored upright and if it is unopened does not become worse during storage. Please also mind the temperature, it always should be lower than room temperature. No worries, if you do not want to store bottles of alcohol in your flat or house. Eatvo is helping you when you need a bottle of a good old Scotch or Bourbon. We are at your service all day long. Order the whiskey you love from our selection and our couriers will deliver your shopping bag in 30 minutes. Download our application or go to Eatvo website, it is easy and quick to order from us. Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, Grant’s, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Jim Beam, Johnnie Walker are all between our products.