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What is EATVO?

Weekend shopping is crazy. Packed malls, thousands of people, we all agree it is a complete nightmare. You are fed up with the crowd, with the long queues at the cashier you are wasting many-many hours of your life with shopping. Today time is more precious than ever, when it is about your chill time every minute counts. After a hard working day, studying all day long none of us feels like pushing a trolley at one of the groceries.  The 21st century solution is online shopping! You can order and buy all necessary products from home resting on your sofa. In the challenging times of COVID-19 it is also preferable to get all the stuff for fridge and kitchen by online shopping, your orders delivered directly to your door.

Eatvo is here to help you!

We offer you an easy grocery shopping process. Please register at Eatvo application or website and you can immediately start your shopping.

Benefits of online shopping

1. Forget long queues! Lost in between store shelves, angry at the cashier, stressed by searching for missing products? Choose your family, have a coffee with your bestie. Eatvo gives you the opportunity to have more spare time. Wherever you are in Budapest you can place your order anytime Eatvo couriers will deliver your shopping list in 30 minutes.

2, Saving money. When doing online shopping you can always review and change the content of your shopping bag, delete or add products. Make sure you only buy the necessary products!

3. Best prices. Price comparison websites always give you the information on best prices, sales. You can choose the retailer where you can find the cheapest options. Shop at Eatvo, check our quality products with great prices!

1 hour extra free time for every Mom!

Are you a full time Mummy who is cleaning, washing, cooking endlessly and in between these daily activities driving the kids to and from school? Are you doing the daily shopping in your spare time? Do you want to save some time for yourself? What about reaching out to help Eatvo for help? Place your order on our website or application, when you arrive home the package will be already at your door. Eatvo does the shopping for you and gives you an extra free daily hour.

It is an exam period again!

Oh well, it is an exam period again. You are studying from the morning until the late evening. You have not left the flat for many days. Tomorrow is a deadline for an important test-paper and you are struggling with finishing it. In the meantime, you are hungry all the time as studying requires lot of energy. You wish you had a bar of chocolate or some snacks at home. Having some delicious food for dinner would be also great but you just do not feel like shopping. Do you need some help? Eatvo delivers all ingredients to your home in 30 minutes, fills up your kitchen shelves with sweets and snacks. We do care you had successful exams.

We should not forget about elders!

Eatvo’s mission is to help elder people. Not every grandma and grandpa is surrounded by kids, grandchildren who can do the shopping for them. Help your elder relatives anytime and anywhere from Budapest. Place your Eatvo order 24 hours per day and request a delivery address to your grandparents. We have an idea! What about teaching your grandparents how to use Eatvo? Show them how easy the usage of the application and website is. They will be impressed how much money can be saved each shopping when focusing only on must to have products. Other advantage for elders when doing online shopping is that they do not need to carry heavy bags Eatvo couriers are delivering every order in 30 minutes to their houses.

Eatvo do cares about disabled and ill people as well! Their orders are delivered with extra attention to health and safety regulations.

Picnic basket as per your request!

You and friends decided to organize a last minute picnic? Sun is shining, perfect afternoon to go out. How to get all food and drinks quickly in to your picnic basket? You have a short notice and little time for the shopping. What about ordering the food and drinks directly to the picnic place? Surprise your friends with an Eatvo picnic bag. Cheese, ham, fresh bread, rolls, snacks, nuts, wine, fruits and vegetables, sweets we can list all of these between our products.

Rise and shine!

An alarm clock is ringing somewhere in your dreams. Ring,ring, ring with no response. You wake up in a shock an hour later,  your morning is already a mess. You are nervy as you are late to work and it is obvious you do not have time for breakfast. On top of everything you forgot your pre-packed launch at home. You are hungry and already had enough of today. Starving! Should you order some food from a restaurant? Oh no, you are saving money for a new speaker. What to do then? Going out to the nearby shop to grab some food is not an option as you just sat down to you computer, your line manager would not be happy if you disappeared for another 30 minutes. Eatvo can help you out! Order quality and cheap products make a quick healthy salad or a tasty sandwich. In 30 minutes you have all ingredients at you, five more minutes and the lovely launch, afternoon snack is ready. You still have not downloaded the Eatvo application to your mobile? Do not hesitate to do that today! Eatvo can manage all your crazy days!


We can help in any circumstances. No matter where you are in Budapest Eatvo couriers are delivering your orders in 30 minutes. We are at your service 24/7 and you do not even need to leave your house. Share your Eatvo experiences with us. We would love to hear your stories. Why do you prefer online shopping? Do you like Eatvo website and application?